Promotional Products

What is a promotional product?

When it comes to marketing and advertising, a popular technique to get sales for a product or service is to use promotional products. These products can come in the form of merchandise, food, clothing or anything else related to the product or service you want attention drawn to. Basically, the product is displayed in a way to draw attention to the main service and sometimes a promotional product may be even be given away for free to potential customers who may become more interested after trying it. What better way is there to draw interested customers than to offer them something for free?

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How Promotional Products can Help your Business

When you think of providing something for free, the first thing that comes to your mind might be a loss of money or business. The opposite is usually the case. Giving your potential customers access to a promotion will draw more attention to your business than if you do nothing at all. Of course, some people will take the free offering and run but more so than not, trying the product will result in many of them wanting to learn more. Many of these people will go on to buy the product and even become loyal customers. In the long run, offering such a promotion will have a snowball effect. Anyone who tries the product and likes it will tell everyone they know and those people will tell people they know and so on. With the popularity of social media, word gets around pretty quick. Long after the promotion is over, any social media posts about it will linger on the pages for months and even years for people to see over and over again.

Tips of how to Use a Promotion

The most important thing when offering promotional products is to make sure the product has your company brand and logo on it so people will remember where it came from. Make it easy for them to come back to you and contact you for more information by providing contact information and social marketing sites. It's also a good idea to give customers a heads up that the promotion is coming by advertising about it in advance to create some hype about it and to let as many people as possible know what's going on. You can do this through your company website, social media, guest blogging and passing the information around via word of mouth, cold calls, cold emails and local signage. Before you start the promotion, do up a plan. Decide which demographic you want to target, how many items you will give away, what your budget for the promotion is and how long it will run for. Have a goal in mind and if you want to really get creative and engage your potential customers, host a poll to see how they liked it or have a contest that offers a prize to someone who has tried the promotion. The prize can be a coupon or discount code for future purchases or swag to share with their friends and family. There are so many things you can do these days to draw attention to your product or service.